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Ocean Care Solutions new Lionfish Sting 1st Aid Kit expands company family of marine sting first aid products

Ocean Care Solutions is devoted to providing safe and effective marine sting first aid products for the consumer.  Our products have been tested true as each individual kit follows the medically accepted first aid protocol supported by life saving agencies, physicians and medical facility research groups worldwide.  Each kit has all the components necessary, with easy to follow instructions, to provide immediate 1st aid medical attention on a variety of marine stingers.  No matter what you pleasure at the ocean; sport fishing, surfing, scuba, distance swimming, snorkeling or just hangin’ out in the surf, always be prepared with Ocean Care Solutions first aid products….Available on line or select retailers…Ask for it by name..You’ll be glad your did !!

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Field use report from Galveston Island Beach Patrol/Park Board Police Dept

Over this past summer season, Ocean Care Solutions, Inc. provided Chief Peter Davis and supervising staff from the Galveston Island Beach Patrol/Park Board Police Dept. (www.galvestonbeachpatrol.com) with our Stingray and Man o War Sting First Aid Kits.

Here is the e mail OCS received from Chief Davis…

We did get to use the product quite a bit, although we used saline to wash the area as opposed to vinegar, thus following the recommendations of the USLA and medical protocols set by our medical director. People really seemed to respond well to it. They liked the packaging and the way it is a self contained treatment that they could potentially carry with them “just in case”.

Hope things are good with you. We had a fairly easy season as far as stings go, but enough for all of our supervisors to be able to use the product.

Take care,

Chief Peter Davis
Galveston Island Beach Patrol/Park Board Police Dept

Atlantic sea nettle or East Coast sea nettle…

Chrysaora quinquecirrha known as the Atlantic sea nettle or East Coast sea nettle is a species of jellyfish that inhabits Atlantic estuaries, such as the Chesapeake Bay. It is smaller than the Pacific sea nettle, and has more variable coloration, but is typically pale, pinkish or yellowish, often with radiating more deeply-colored stripes on the exumbrella, especially near the margin.  Click on the link for video:


The nettle’s sting is rated from “moderate” to “severe” and can be pernicious to smaller prey; it is not, however, potent enough to cause human death, except by allergic reaction. While the sting is not particularly harmful, it can cause moderate discomfort to any individual stung. The sting can be effectively neutralized by misting vinegar over the affected area. This keeps unfired nematocysts from firing and adding to the discomfort.

New shipment of Ocean Care Solutions’ Jellyfish sting relief solution available Nov 10th..Fast, proven effective and safe..Lidocaine Free !!

Don’t get stung without it !!

Interesting information about jellyfish..

Jellyfish first appeared about 650 million years ago and found in every sea. Some also found a lot in freshwater. Medusa (Plural Medusae) is another term for jellyfish.

Medusa is another term jellyfish that lives in Greece, Finland, Portuguese, Romanian, Hebrew, Serbian, Croatian, Spanish, French, Italian, Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Slovakia, Russia and Bulgaria.

Because the jellyfish is not a spesien of fish, sometimes there are many false assumptions about the jellyfish, the American Public Aquariums therefore has popularized the use of the term jelly sea (sea jellies) instead.

The jellyfish have the deadliest poison and has caused thousands of deaths deaths since 1954. Each tentacle has about 500,000 sindasites harpoon shaped needles that inject venom into the victim.


Jellyfish Sting Relief Solution available now !!

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Ocean Care Solutions set to release Jellyfish Sting Relief product

Ocean Care Solutions, specializing in State of the Art Marine Life First Aid Kits, is announcing the addition of a newly formulated jellyfish sting relief solution to their signature line of marine sting products.

Ocean Care Solutions’  new Jellyfish Sting Relief Solution is the most effective product available for a wide range of jellyfish species including the Indo-Pacific Box, the Caribbean Box, the Lion’s Man, the Sea Nettle,  and the Mauve.

Lidocaine-free, it offers complete topical relief of virtually all stinging marine cells as well as swimmer’s itch. In addition it has been found to alleviate bites and stings of many other aquatic and terrestrial insects and organisms. OCS staff strongly encourages every one to seek medical attention after any marine sting while recognizing their product line as the quickest, safest, most convenient, and effective first aid for the consumer and first response medical professionals.

New Jellyfish Sting Relief Solution..available at retailers Nov.10

Don’t get stung without it !!

Jellyfish sting nearly 2,000 people over weekend

Daytona News-Journal

DAYTONA Beach — About 1,300 people got stung by jellyfish today in the surf off Volusia County, a Beach Patrol captain said.

The jellyfish are expected in the water again Monday, said Beach Patrol Capt. Tammy Marris, because no major wind shifts are expected.

The calls for jellyfish stings started about 9 a.m. today and came all day long from New Smyrna Beach north to Ormond Beach.

Nearly 700 swimmers were stung Saturday, Marris said Sunday.

Beach officials have identified two species in the water — moon and cannonball jellyfish — but it is more likely that the moon jellyfish are the ones stinging, Marris said.

“The cannonball jellyfish is not really a stinging jellyfish,” Marris said.

Jellyfish can appear anytime off the beaches, Marris said.

“It’s really not a seasonal thing,” Marris said. “They are at the mercy of the wind and current, so they can show up any time of the year.”