Dr Paul S Auerbach:Medicine for the Outdoors: The Essential Guide to Emergency Medical Procedures and First Aid

Paul S. Auerbach, MD, MS, FACEP, FAWM, is the Redlich Family Professor of Surgery in the Division of Emergency Medicine at Stanford University. He is the world’s leading authority on wilderness medicine and is one of the world’s leading authorities on emergency medicine.

A graduate of Duke University and Duke University School of Medicine, as well as the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Dr. Auerbach is editor of the definitive medical textbook Wilderness Medicine, and author of the books Medicine for the Outdoors (named one of the 10 outstanding healthcare titles for 2009 by the Wall Street Journal), Field Guide to Wilderness Medicine, Diving the Rainbow Reefs, and Management Lessons from the E.R. He is a founder and past President of the Wilderness Medical Society, and editor emeritus of the professional medical journal Wilderness and Environmental Medicine.

Dr. Auerbach serves as a national medical consultant on hazardous marine animals to the Divers Alert Network (DAN), and is a member of the National Medical Committee for the National Ski Patrol System, as well as Chief Medical Officer for Healthline Networks and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Among the many awards that he has received are the Outstanding Contribution in Education Award from the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), the DAN America Award, the NOGI Award from the Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences, and DAN/Rolex Diver of the Year.

He has been named a “Hero of Emergency Medicine” by ACEP and was recognized by the 98th Civil Affairs Battalion (Airborne) for his activities with the Stanford emergency medical team during the Haiti earthquake disaster response. His international medical activities have included acting as a volunteer physician at the Hospitalito Atitlan in Santiago, Guatemala, and instructor and examiner for the newly-created Nepal Ambulance Service in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Dr. Auerbach lectures widely on wilderness medicine and outdoor health topics, such as hazardous marine animals, frostbite injuries, drowning, and research activities and opportunities. He is an Attending Physician in the Emergency Department at Stanford University Hospital and is enormously grateful for opportunities to be with his family, friends, colleagues and others who love the outdoors, understand the importance of “giving back,” and are trying to make the world a better place.


Field Guide to Wilderness Medicine
Medicine for the Outdoors
Wilderness Medicine


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