NSF study highlights info about Jellyfish

Here are some more highlights from the study’s findings.

1/3 of the total weight of all life in Monterey Bay is from gelatinous animals.
3 minutes after a person is stung by a deadly box jellyfish, s/he may be dead.
8 years after fast-reproducing comb jellies invaded in the Black Sea, they dominated it.
20 to 40 people are killed annually from box jellyfish stings in the Philippines alone.
400 vast Dead Zones in world oceans are too polluted for almost all life except jellyfish.
1,000+ fist-sized comb jellies filled each cubic meter of water in Black Sea jelly blooms.
45,000 eggs may be released daily by a single jellyfish.
500,000 people are stung by jellyfish in the Chesapeake Bay annually.
500 million refrigerator-sized jellyfish float into the Sea of Japan daily during blooms.

In addition to plaguing tourist resorts the article also says these jellyfish swarms have even shut down nuclear reactors.
Jellyfish swarms have also damaged fisheries, fish farms, seabed mining operations, desalination plants and large ships.

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